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Melanotan II MT-2 (or Melanotan II) is another synthetic peptide hormone type and lactam cyclic analog of the melanocortin protein hormone alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, its molecular weight/mass is 1,024.2 with the molecular formula is C50H69N15O9. This analog exhibits the typical features of proteins. Melanotan II was deliberately created in 1991 by Arizona researchers led by Hruby/Hedley while searching for a more stable and potent modification of the original -MSH. After that, numerous clinical trials in different countries took part in order to identify the effectiveness of the newly developed peptide. Like its predecessor, Melanotan I, MT-2 plays role in stimulating melanogenesis and that providing protective mechanism from UV rays, since under its actions are capable of producing and secreting hormone melanin, which is also kind of melanocytes increase peptides. However, the scientists were also able to notice another feature of this research compound, which is definite aphrodisiac effects. It also has mild beneficial fat-mobilizing effects. For research use only.


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